Best Edible Mini-Cookies

Our unique MINI COOKIES are a welcome relief to many patients for ease of use and consistent medicine quality. Tested for potency at SC LABS, the Best Edible mini-cookie is a perfect solution for patients who want to be able to control dosage amounts in edibles. By utilizing the 3-5mg of THC per cookie, patients are able to find their perfect “cookie number” and consume the dosage that is most appropriate for treating their condition. Our packaging also allows for patients to consume the cookies as cereal, which is another unique feature not offered in any other edible of it’s kind.
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Consistent Quality

Best Edible products are baked with all natural ingredients and skillfully infused with California grown Blue Dream and GDP cannabis strains.

The Best Edible team strives to create an edible experience that redefines what a gourmet cannabis confection should be, lab testing every batch to deliver consistent THC potency.
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Lab Tested for Potency

Best Edible is SC Labs Certified for THC PotencyOur CannaButter is lab tested by SC Labs, one of the most reliable and prestigious cannabis laboratories in the industry. Our cannabis infused butter is analyzed for THC potency on a regular basis to assure complete consistency in our baked products.

It’s what’s Inside That Counts

We use both Blue Dream and Grand Daddy Purp strains from reputable and experienced California organic growers who know the quality and consistency demanded by our patients.

We prefer to use strains that have the most common traits for relief of pain, anxiety and insomnia. Blue Dream and GDP are some of the best around and make perfect companions to our delicious gourmet baked creations.

Certified Processing Facility

Our processing facility is second to none in the industry. Kitchens are certified from not only the local County Health Department, but the US Food and Drug administration. We strive for a 100% clean and safe environment for the production of our gourmet edibles.

All of our chefs and employees are Food Safe Certified with extensive training and testing on proper food handling and preparation.